Pack Canoë (12km) + Climbing park

Pack Canoë (12km) + Climbing park

Parcours aventure - Accrobranche | Vallon Pont d'arc

2 to 99 people


Pack Canoë 12km + climbing park
1 PACK 1: 7 TO 10 Y.O. 30€ canoë kid + discovery parcours
1 PACK 2: 10 TO 15 Y.O. 34€ canoë kid + adventure parcours
1 PACK 3: + 15 Y.O. & ADULTS 43€ canoë adult + adventure parcours


Un package land & water with special discount from 7 y.o.
(20% off on each activities)

- Run of 12km via the 3 slides and the Pont d'Arc (2h30 paddle). A family parcours, easy and fun, with our partner Castor Canoe.
Guaranteed good mood

- Ticket for Accro Parc, Discovery or Adventure parcours, depending of size (1h30 to 2h minimum)

This 2 activities can be made on different day, in wathever order you like.
You book for the canoe run. Free access to the Accro Parc without reservation.

How it works

Climbing park:
Access to Accro Parc, discovery parcours (up to 10 y.o./1m10 - 3 parcours) or Adventure (more than 10 y.o. /1m40 - 5 parcours).
You will be equipped and briefed, in order to evolve on the parcours in autonomy, under supervision of our operators.
Refreshment & ice cream on site.
The park is not connected to running water.

Meetinf at the base, route des Gorges in Vallon Pont d'Arc
 Access to base

 Choose between 4 moments of departure: 10 AM (in July and August) / 11 AM / 12 PM / 1.30 PM. we ask you to turn up 30 minutes beforehand!

You will need 2 h 30 min for this route, but you will be given all the time you want to make the most of your journey.

The first 5 km (3.11 miles) are rather calm. This will allow you to get used to your canoe and the handling of it. On this part of the river you will pass 3 natural slides… These are adapted in order to allow you to pass the river dams. These 3 “slides” will delight young and old.
The second part consists of the short 7 km (4.35 miles) descent with 3 rapids and the passage under the Pont d’Arc.

The advantage of this descent: when you reach the rapids, you will already feel comfortable thanks to the first 5 steady kilometres (3.11 miles) you will have covered!
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Canoë descent 12 km with Casor Canoë: Equipment, waterproof case, floating vest, bus and briefing.
Access to Castor Canoë base
Tickets for climbing park in Lagorce. Equipment, briefing, Discovery or Adventure parcours.
Accès to Accro Park

Good to know

Pack available up to 7 y.o. for for children who can swim.
Pack 1: from 7 to 10 y.o., canoë + Climbing Discovery
Pack 2: from 10 to 15 y.o., Canoê + Climbing Adventure
Pack 3: more than 15 y.o.: Canoê + Climbing Adventure

Take closed shoes for both activities.

Meeting place

Accro Parc Vallon, Quartier Marichard
07150 Lagorce
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